Wax Melt Burners

Wax Melt Burners


Classic collection of ceramic and himalayan salt wax melt burners in a range of colours and styles.


Simply snap off a cube of one of our luxury wax melts and pop it on the top dish. Light a unscented tea light and place underneath the dish in the burner.


Please only use a standard 4 hour burning tea light as the ceramic burner will not be able to handle the heat over more time.




  • Burners

    Pear Drop Neutral — 11 cm x 10 cm — With a neutral colour tone and a sleek pear drop style allowing the flame of the tea light to be seen while melting your wax.


    Classic Dot Collection — 11 cm x 10 cm — A more classic style burner creating a ambiance effect using the dot pattern which are available in 3 different colours. 


    Sea Shell - 11cm x 11cm - A nautical themed burner with a shell detail in contemporary neutral colours. The shell is placed on top of the burner (these are not attached)


    Himalayan Salt - 12.5cm x 14cm - Natural himalayan salt creates a warm glow while melting your favourite wax melt.


    Note: As these items are ceramic or made of natural salt no two items will be identical and the glaze/shape can alter. 


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