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Sweet Orange Reed Diffusers

Sweet Orange Reed Diffusers


The Salcombe Candle Company brings our amazing scents without the flame.

  • Description

    These 200ml Reed Diffusers come in either an amber round or a chic matt white round glass vessel that will make a statement in any room.

    These Reed Diffusers are suitable for small to medium rooms and come with 10 reeds. These Diffusers will fill your home with our amazing scents for up to 13 weeks.


    Fresh, sweet and zesty just how orange should smell if you ask us. This juicy scent is bursting with a tangy orange peel aroma. 


    Top Notes: Orange Zest

    Heart Notes: Citrus Sugar

    Base Notes: Sugarcane


    Note: The more reeds you use the more the scent will be dispersed. If you don't want such a strong scent throw, then simply use less reeds.


    Disclaimer: Longevity of reed diffusers are all dependent on room temperature, humidity, breeze and sunlight.


    Our 100ml Reed Diffusers are suitable for a small to medium room and come with 8 reeds.